Slow Fashion is a movement within the clothing industry that promotes a lighter footprint. The opposite of 'Fast Fashion', where brands and factories around the world, quickly (and cheaply) mass produce pieces due to a trend, which results in overproduction and waste. Slow Fashion advocates for creating and buying better-quality garments, that will last longer, and most importantly values fair treatment of people, animals and the planet along the way. 

Where is MOLOH made?

All our pieces are designed here in Tetbury, in our flagship shop, by our Directors, Caroline & Butts. Our material is carefully selected from British mills and manufactured in London. 

We use the highest quality British material, from British Lambswool to Irish Linen. Our pieces last a lifetime, or longer, which is better for your wallet and the planet. We even use Recycled fabric in some of our pieces!

What is a 'Short Run'?

A 'Short Run' is a term from our manufactures, we create a small amount of garments in UK sizes for each collection. Each collection then becomes a genuine Limited Edition, no piece is the same each run. Like we always say, once it's gone, it really has gone!

Proud to wear MOLOH!

We love to see MOLOH all over the world, or even in the press! We don't follow fashion trends, we believe you create your own rules, wear what you want to wear, and enjoy it. Don't save it for best! 

MOLOH Customer Review

"I absolutely love MOLOH, on behalf of mrs me, who has a collection going back 20+ years. Styling that is unique, classical yet timeless and new collections that fit perfectly with Seasons for Birthday and Xmas. And all the Moloh team are so friendly, it’s a treat to visit the shop." 
A. McGuinness